Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Clementina van der Walt & Lisa Firer

I have been out of sorts lately so no new posts of my work right now. I am getting back into the work though so shortly I will be showing some new images, but for now I want to mention two events that took place on the last two weekends.

On the 20th of June I went to the opening of Clementina van der Walt's new exhibition at the Kim Sacks Gallery in Parkwood, Johannesburg.

The work in the main part of the gallery pulsates with colour and energy which could only be borne of Africa, and this work is juxtaposed with a beautifully elegant display of monochromatic pieces on the other end of the exhibition space. Clementina's work is always a joy to see and if you are in the area I urge you to visit the exhibition before the end of its run on the 12th of July

This past weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a workshop by Cape Town ceramic artist Lisa Firer. I have loved her work for years, and her workshop revealed someone of immense generosity and professionalism. How wonderful it is to see other ceramists sharing their stories and working methods. Her work is dependant on the interplay of light and the extreme delicacy is breathtaking. Visit her website to see examples of her truly beautiful porcelain pieces. 

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