Monday, 17 August 2009

Communication 2

This is a brief tag on to yesterday's thoughts. I am sitting at the computer while listening to Kath Bloom's most recent album 'Terror'. I am completely seduced by it. This is by no stretch of of the imagination mainstream music. For me the appeal is the complete honesty not only of the music but also in the performance, the baring of the heart which in turn registers deep within me. This is what I would call true communication. 

The ceramics of Sandy Brown elicit a similar response in me. 

It takes courage to stand in these places of extremely personal expression.

Look at Sandy Brown's work and give a listen to Kath Bloom.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Eugene Hon said...

I read both your latest entries and have to agree, it reminds of when I was a student at UCT, in my third year of study, we were given a collaborative assignment to engage students at the UCT Music school. We had to produce art works interpreting their music and they had to make music interpreting our art. It was very exciting and very successful indeed. With the focus on interdisciplinary research it would make sense to engage thsi type of culture production in the future. Products imbued with decoration inspired by sound and beat is very exciting. Abstract expressionism and jazz has its links and greater interaction and collaboration in this regard could pave the way for products with an even a greater expansion of function. Not just utilitarian, symbolic and decorative but imbued with art noise - now that's exciting.