Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ceramics S A Regional Exhibition

The C S A regional exhibition opened on Monday evening, at the Edoardo Villa Museum on the University of Pretoria Campus. I was asked to be one of the selectors for the work, together with Jerice Doeg and Harrie Siertesema and Wilma Cruise was the awards judge. The standard, for a regional exhibition was high and a number of awards were presented to amongst others, my colleague Eugene Hon, Hazel Sherman, and Karen Murray. The premier award was presented to Dale Lambert, whose work is pictured above - delicately thrown and 'etched' porcelain pieces.
 Congratulations to everyone who participated in this show, contributing to the overall success of the exhibition.


Eugene Hon said...

Luv the image however the foot seems to be cut off - cast in the shadow.

Anonymous said...

lovely piece... i'm gonna have to look into that technique