Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And so it Begins

With the festivities behind us it is time to face 2010. So begins a new period in my life; I will be lecturing only on a part-time basis at the university. I am busy re-designing my website to include the courses that I am putting together to present this year, as well as more information on my work and where it can be seen. I am also currently developing a new clay body , but more on that when it is done.
The year ahead is rich with promise and I look forward to its unfolding.
May it be filled with the realisation of many dreams and exciting new realities for all.
I try to include an image in all my posts, but as I have not produced any new work yet this year as I am still looking for studio space, I therefor include an image from my last firing of 2009.


Anonymous said...

hope the promise of new things holds true... lovely bowl, beautiful halos around the black (or very dark brown)

chaetoons said...

Beautiful work John !
Glad i found you on facebook.