Sunday, 14 February 2010

The New Body (Part 2)

Continuing on the earlier post of the new body I am working on, here is an image of soluble salts decorated on the surface of a piece. What is particularly exciting for me is that the body is as translucent as the bone china body I have worked with, but this one is fired at 1060 deg. C instead of 1250 which my bone china body requires. I will continue to use the high fired bone china for my one off pieces, but am looking at what applications this new 'eco' china could have!

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Eugene Hon said...

I love this new look, as mentioned to you before, it is reminiscent of inlays rather than on the surface decoration - it offers you a whole new range of creative possibilities. Great work as usual. Cant wait to see the technique applied either as ceramic statements and or a range of designer based products. good luck.