Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Work - At Long Last!

Narrow Flute

Subtle Colors

Undulating Form
Finally I have some new images to post. These 3 pieces, the first from my new kiln, will be part of my submission for the exhibition 'African Landscapes in Clay' to be held at the Association of Arts Gallery in Pretoria from 11th - 28th July. How wonderful to be producing work again!


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful, is that luster on the rims?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment Linda. the rims are banded with an iron solution. I use it on most of my pieces, I think it acts as a sort of frame for the work.

Unknown said...
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Eugene Hon said...

Baie mooi where is the champagne - we should celebrate. Love the colours and brushstrokes on the piece titled Undulating Form. The Narrow Flute's shape is very elegant. Great - may this be the start of a very productive and successful creative time in your life.
Lekker bly.

Carla da Cruz said...

I finally got to see your work in person at Artisan in Durban... Wonderful! You are a master :)