Saturday, 9 April 2011

Continuing the Casting Process

Trimming the cast after it has stood for about 10 minutes

The day after casting the piece is dry and can be removed from the mould. the cast has released completely from the mould.

Inverting the mould and releasing it onto my hand

Free of the mould

The cast is flipped

And ready for bisque firing

Bisque fired pieces ready for sanding

Wet sanding the bisque fired work. The sanded pieces are dried overnight before decorating.


jim said...

great post john, always nice to see how things come together. i have to say, wow, those are very very thin.

Linda Starr said...

thanks for showing your mold casting process; wet sanding I have never tried, except on cars, must try that out, what grit paper do you use?

John Shirley said...

Hi Linda, I use 120 grit paper and the pot is soaking wet. Really gives a great finish.
Jim, I agree they are very thin and am currently working slightly thicker.
Always great to get comments, thank you.