Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Creating Context

I know mid-February is late for a first blog post of the year, particularly if it is to create a purpose or an intention for the year. Well, it is mid-February and here is my first post for this year on the topic of creating a context for the year ahead.
What do I want to do differently this year and what will be my focus. I will continue with my work of both making and teaching ceramics. For me it is difficult to say which of these is more important. They are so intertwined and each nurtures the other. My work is stronger through my teaching and vice-versa.
My desire to make a difference is as strong if not stronger than ever and my thirst for a better understanding and further knowledge of my chosen medium never diminishes.
I do not intend to bore you with a list of individual goals, those are for me to make and either adhere to or discard as I travel my path through this year, suffice it to say that I choose to be present in whatever endeavour I am involved in and to make whatever mark I make to the best of my ability.

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