Friday, 8 May 2009

Gratitude, Syncronicity and the Miracle

Towards the end of last month I came across a mention of paperplaster on a website. It sounded amazing and I contacted a number of people regarding this and will be forever grateful to Sandra Black, the renowned Australian ceramist, for responding so generously to my enquiry. I was blown away with her unbelievably detailed reply. She also forwarded my mail to Trudy Golley, who came up with the method.

Trudy Golley also replied and informed me that an article she wrote on paperplaster would appear in the next issue of 'Ceramics Technical' the ceramic journal. I have just read it and it is a complete step by step guide to her process. Talk about syncronicity!

I have made a number of moulds this week using this revolutionary process. It has completely changed my approach to mould making forever. No more cottle problems. Lightweight moulds and most exciting, moulds that can be used the day after making. Truly a miracle