Monday, 22 February 2010

Guest Artist at Free State Ceramic Exhibition

I have been invited to be the guest artist at the Free State Ceramic Exhibition this year to be opened on 18th March at Olivenhuis Art Museum. There will be a number of my pieces on exhibit including the one shown above. This annual event comprises a weekend full of ceramic events. 
I will be presenting a workshop at Oliewenhuis on the morning of the 19th March.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

The New Body (Part 2)

Continuing on the earlier post of the new body I am working on, here is an image of soluble salts decorated on the surface of a piece. What is particularly exciting for me is that the body is as translucent as the bone china body I have worked with, but this one is fired at 1060 deg. C instead of 1250 which my bone china body requires. I will continue to use the high fired bone china for my one off pieces, but am looking at what applications this new 'eco' china could have!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Blog of the Month

A new item I am introducing this year is a 'Blog of the Month' feature. At the beginning of each month I plan to showcase a blog that I consider to be of special interest to the ceramic community. 
The first of these I am featuring is that of my friend and colleague Eugene Hon. This blog not only illuminates  details of his process but also its archival and exploratory value for the research of his many projects. Those things that inspire or interest him are shared in a wonderfully informative way. His blog is crammed with items of value and examples of his exceptional drawings which direct his ceramic projects, as well as images of finished works and what it is that informs them. I feel that he has truly created a blog both brave and inspirational in concept, and well worth a visit to anyone wanting to get an insight into what Eugene's creative process encompasses.